Steffney Thompson: Executive Director
​     Steffney Thompson, an attorney with expertise in environmental law and policy, has served as executive director since 1999.
     As the daughter of an exploration geologist, Steffney and her family moved frequently throughout her childhood, living in remote but beautiful areas that allowed Steffney and her younger sister to explore and experience a range of environments.
     Although Steffney claims Missoula, Montana, where she lived for eight years, as home, she also has fond memories of living in places as diverse as the Mongollon Rim in Arizona, a five-hour drive from Phoenix, and White Pine in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
     Steffney earned her law degree, as well as undergraduate degrees in history and economics, from the University of Arizona. Following graduation, she worked as an environmental practice lawyer with the firm of Molloy, Jones, and Donahue in Tucson, Ariz.
     Steffney moved to Athens in 1993 with her husband, Todd Rasmussen, a University of Georgia professor of hydrology and water resources. They are the parents of two adult children who also enjoy hiking and exploring.